The ECCA Coated Metal Awards, organized by the European Coil Coating Association, addresses an open call to architecture and design professionals from Greece and Cyprus, to submit realized projects, completed during the last 5 years. The works, which may span architecture, interior design, or art installations, must feature innovative applications of prepainted metal components. The projects may be submitted in three categories:

SMALL Projects up to 500m²
MEDIUM Projects from 500-2000m²
LARGE Projects over 2000m²


Each of the three categories will receive one Prize Award of 2,000€.
Exceptional entries which did not qualify for the Prize Award may be awarded with a Distinction.

Participation Deadline 31/03/2024


All entries must be submitted online, free of any charge, no later than March 31, 2024, 12.00AM, GMT+2.00.
Multiple entries by the same office are allowed. Each entry folder must contain the following information:

Category (S, M, L)
Project Title
Year of Completion
5-10 Photographs
Short text up to 300 words

Submission period has ended.

Participants will be notified no later than April 10, 2024, if their entry has been included in the Short List. Shortlisted entries will need to be defended to the Award Jury in further detail between April 23, in 20-minute presentations delivered by representatives of their respective offices.
For queries and further information about the awards please send an email to:


Yvonne Barcelona
Managing Director, ECCA

Christophe Perin
VP Global Marketing, Beckers

Alexandros Zomas
Member of the Board of Directors of the HIA

Pavlos Fereos
Cyprus Association of Architects

Nikolas Patsavos
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Ioannina

Evaluation Criteria

Awarded entries will need to meet the following criteria:

– Visual Appeal of Presentation Materials
– Application of Coated Metal Architectural Components

– Explanation of Project Design and Methodology
– Explanation of Innovation of Design Product and Actualization of Design Goal
– Project Sustainability



In the Small Category, the panel’s decision to bestow the award upon the BIOAROMA MUSEUM & EXPERIENCE STORE, creatively designed by KAAF, was unanimous. This project is marked by a harmonious integration of structural steel with intricate stone and wood details, showcasing a very interesting material cohesion. The thoughtful and precise application of steel not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reinforces itst integrity, ensuring that every element aligns with the overall thematic and functional objectives of the design.

category medium, Constanti Architects – 316 Residences

The 316 RESIDENCES by Constanti Architects received the unanimous accolade in the Medium Category for its use of precoated metal panels, which defines the project’s architectural language. The project leverages the unique properties of these materials to craft a series of dynamic spaces, where the volumetric interplay and pivotal alignment of each floor underscore the innovative use of materials. This approach not only enhances the building’s facade but also serves as a testament to the potential of precoated metal panels in crafting durable, aesthetically pleasing, and contextually appropriate architectural solutions.

category large, PILA – Piraeus Tower

In the Large Category, the jury awarded the PIRAEUS TOWER by PILA Architects. The PIRAEUS TOWER was celebrated for its striking visual impact and innovative use of coated metal in architectural detailing. The project distinguishes itself through a sophisticated blend of design innovation and practical application, achieving not only aesthetic excellence but also sustainability. The challenges posed by the existing structure were skillfully navigated, combining high-rise engineering with architectural creativity to transform the building into a prominent landmark.


category large, LC Architects – The Orbit

THE ORBIT was honored with a distinction for its unique and refined application of coated materials. The project adapts coated material components to rejuvenate and redefine an existing building, setting a new standard for urban architecture. By marrying functionality with elegance, THE ORBIT emerges as a modern icon, seamlessly integrated into the urban landscape and enhancing the city’s aesthetic and cultural milieu.


ECCA, the European Coil Coating Association, is the Voice of the Coil Coating industry in Europe representing about 90 companies active in coil coating and the major suppliers to the industry. The Association was founded in 1967 and its headquarters are in Brussels. ECCA is dedicated to the promotion of the use of prepainted metal as the environmentally sound, the cost effective and the high-quality method of finishing. 

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